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with over 3,000,000 visitors each month.

Our main goal is to make complicated
cryptocurrency things simple.

Our projects

Our goal is to create an easy-to-use mining pool for miners of all sizes. We take care of and defend the interests of humble 1-GPU miners as well as enterprise mining farm owners.

We are aiming for the best user experience and mining rewards. Miners on our pools can be assured we always protect their interests.

  • Paid to miners:$35,000,000
  • Pageviews per month:10,500,000

2Masternodes enables anyone to buy a masternode or masternode share with a few clicks. No registration is needed. The only data stored will be your wallet address. The service fee is charged from the masternode rewards. There are no extra charges.

  • Visitors per month:3,600
  • Pageviews per month:28,000

Cryptocurrency mining reward calculator for pool and solo mining.

  • Users per month:24,000
  • Pageviews per month:241,000

Cryptocurrency news portal in Russian language. Our main goal is to make complicated cryptocurrency things simple.

One of the largest and active russian speaking crypto community.

  • Users per month:260,000
  • Pageviews per month:851,000

2Creators Team

Our core team consists of 6 people.

All of them are very experienced in what they do: development, marketing, sales, advertising, business communication.
Mikhail Korolev
Gleb Shirshov
Slava Karpenko
Sergey Pavlov
Lead DevOps Engineer
Sergey Grushin
Lead Blockchain Software Engineer
Sergey Afonin
Frontend Engineer
We have 9 more people working
for us part-time including:
  • Front-end developers,
  • Designers
  • Content writers,
  • Translators